Egloo Protect Insurance

To make the most out of your stay in the Houche, you better be insured

Student are not insured by the ESF, but this is a must, so we advise you take the E-gloo insurance.

Egloo Protect was set up by the Comité Régional du Ski du Mont Blanc working with the Gritchen Affinity.
Available from the ski lifts counters at partner resorts, at some Ecoles du Ski Français as well as some Centres Nordiques, Egloo Protect will provide all the insurance and assurance coverage you need in order to practice snow sports with the necessary peace of mind.


Mountain rescuing is not free and is paid for by the injured.
For informational purposes, below are the average prices of the various rescue and services types:
- On track 280 €
- Off track: 650 €
- Helicopter rescue: 1500 €

Egloo Protect pays directly for all search and rescue cost as well as for medical repatriation.
In the event the stay is cancelled (insurance taken out before the stay) the insurance will reimburse you for your RM pass and pre paid and reserved ESF lessons.
If your stay is interrupted due to an accident, sickness, early return, the indurance will reimburse you for your RM pass and your ski lessons in proportion of the days that were not used.

Egloo Protect prices:

All Ski Individual 1st rescue stay package at 18 € per person for a stay from 6 to 21 days.
Available online on this website or at the ESF Les Houches front desk.
The coverage under your policy applies in continental France and an adjacent country (provided that country is accessible directly by ski lifts located continental France).
SEARCH, RESCUE AND EVACUATION: (coverage applicable to all options)
When the Insured practices Board sports on track or off track, MAFPRE Insurance will pay for Search Costs and/or Rescue Costs incurred. That benefit is applicable only when the insured remains within the ski area.
COSTS OF FIRST MEDICAL TRANSPORT: (coverage applicable to all options)
In the framework of the sports activity, insurance pays, within the limit if the ceiling shown in the coverage table, for the costs of the medical transport of the insured from the place of occurence of the accident to the nearest medical or hospital centre most suited to the nature of the injury and his return to the place of residence in the resort of the insured.
STAY CANCELLATION: (coverage only to "stay" packages, when the insurance is taken out before the stay)
For RM and ESF lessons reserved and paid for on line more than 48 hours prior to their use, the insurer guarantees the refund of the and/or of the ski lifts passes and/or of the ski lessons in the event the stay is cancelled following the sickness or death of the insured or of a relative.
SKI PASS AND SKI SCHOOL CLASS REIMBURSEMENT: (coverage applicable to all options)
For ski lifts passes, the insurer refunds the ski lifts pass if the accident takes place before 2pm or during the first half of the validity period of the pass, onsight of an intervention carried out by the resort's rescue department.
For ski lessons, the insurer refunds, within the limits set in the amount and coverage Table, in proportion of time, ski days and lessons insured and unused, as from the day after on of the events listed in article 1 "Purpose of the coverage" (Sickness, Body injury, early return) specified in the purpose:
* Accident in the ski area during ski lift opening hours; on sight of a medical document.
* Sickness with unplanned hospitalisation of the insured, lasting more than 24 consecutive hours, causing the end and prohibition to ski until the end of stay.
Handling costs, tips, the insurance premium as well as refunds or compensation granted by the Approved Organisation or Intermediary that the Insured bought his/her Sports activity or leisure package from, will be deducted from the compensation.
First of all, contact ski emergency on resorts.
2) Contact rescue service to obtain documents for refund.
3) Send your accident declaration duly filled out and signed within 5 days to:
Service Egloo Protect. BP 6048
Or on
Don't forget to attach the following document to your declaration:
* Original copy of ski pass and/or proof of purchase of the ski pass and the insurance Egloo Protect.
* Any proof of intervention from another rescue service.
* After exam your claim, any document that the company would ask you for.
* THE DOCTOR'S INITIAL MEDICAL CERTIFICATE indicating the type of injuries and wether or not there is an inability to ski.

For medical repatriation call:
+33 1 46 43 50 20
Contract n° 790 60 43

Non contractual document.