Niveaux & Tests Snowboard

In order to chose the correct level please watch the video and descriptions below. If you are not sure, don't worry, your isntructor will ensure that you are in teh right group on the first day after a quick assessment.

Accueil Débutant

  • The beginners group will focus on riding on your toe and heel edge on a gentle slope.
  • You will be taught to amke a basic rounded turn in both directions
  • You will be shown how to move in a straight line down the slope in normal and switch foot directions

1er Snowboard

  • 4 to 6 basic turns in switch. 
  • A small figure on a snowpark jump. 
  • Flat Link two sliding 180's front and back with a backside turn in between.

2eme Snowboard

  • At this level you should be able to male 4 to 6 turns on your switch side
  • 2 180 degree jumps with a turn in between. 
  • A tail press on a box.

3ème Snowboard

  • Hold a nose or tail slide. 
  • 2x180 degree jumps in back and switch whilst traversing, with a frontside turn in between. 
  • A balanced grab on a 4 to 6 metre box.

Snowboard Expert

  • Obtain the X-boarder vermeil level. 
  • A minimum of 4 linked figures in Flat. 
  • Slide on a box in boardslide and a 360 on a medium box (4 to 6m).